Septic System Markers | Safely Marks Your Septic System’s Risers & Distribution Box | - Septi-Marker!

Order Septi-Markers! Priced from $4.50/ea to $10.99/ea

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Septi-Marker safely marks the locations of a septic system’s risers and distribution box. This makes digging a tank out for emptying simple. Septi-Marker is safe for lawns and low enough for lawnmowers to go over.

Easy Access!

Septi-Marker provides safe, simple access that will save you money down the road!

Never lose access again!

Are you always losing access locations to your septic system? With Septi-Marker, you will always know exactly where with these safe visible septic system markers.

Avoid costly backups!

Not only does this marker discretely identify key components to your septic system, Septi-Marker will also be a visible reminder to regularly service your system. That alone will pay for the septic system marker and save you thousands in costly repairs!

Safe for lawns

Yes, it is visible, but it's also not an obstacle. Septi-Marker is safe for lawns and low enough for lawnmowers to go over.

Are You A Septic Service Company?

Septi-Marker, septic service marker, was designed to do two things:

1) Safely mark key access points to a client's septic system:
+ Septic system risers
+ Distribution box

2) Keep your BRAND at the top of their mind:
+ Directly associate your service with their septic system
+ Reminder for clients to actively maintain their septic system
+ Provide a contact phone number
+ Create and keep repeat customers for your business

Don’t forget to order your high-quality decal with your company logo!